The vision of the podcast is to break apart the interview into logical "Chapters" that will also fit the order of the book.  The title of each chapter of the book/podcast will be a word in Polish that fits the story.  I will include clips of the interview and then provide more background to support my grandfather's account.

For example: Chapter 1: Dom [Home] , Chapter 2: Zdobycie [Capture], etc.

              In order to do this project the complete justice it deserves, I would like to travel to Poland and Germany.  This opportunity will allow me to further research his hometown of Rseszow in addition to the camps he was in at Pustkow, Poland and Sachsenhausen, Germany, respectively.  Sachsenhausen has been transformed into a Holocaust Memorial and Museum.  

                            Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum

                            Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum

                 I love being a high school science teacher; however, this does not provide a great deal of extra money to travel across the world.  I have estimated the total trip to Poland and Germany to cost about $3000.   If you're interested in supporting this project, please click below to visit my Kickstarter page.  Thank you very much for your time and consideration! 

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